Homebridge Plug-in to enable HomeKit visibility

I’m using Homebridge to expose all our smart devices to Apple HomeKit, I’d love to have all our fridge temps available as we are a cafe and have to record them for food safety (this simple dashboard would make it easy for staff). I’m using IBS-M1’s as the gateway for all the Bluetooth sensors.

There are two plug-ins currently but they don’t really work. Would InkBird developers consider creating an official plugin?


Sorry, at this time INKBIRD products do not support connections to third parties. I will send it as a suggestion to the engineers.

Now that Matter ( Build With Matter | Smart Home Device Solution - CSA-IOT ) is becoming a reality and product starting to appear, does Inkbird have plans to joining this standard for IOT devices. Many companies ( e.g. :Apple, Google, Amazon) have joined but Inkbird is still absent!


Thank you for the information. I will send it to the engineer for reference.

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