API for Temp Sensors

I would like to integrate the temperature sensor data into homeassistant and influxdb. Is there any API available by now or the option to regularly do an automatic export of the values as csv or so?

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Sorry, currently it doesn’t have this feature.

Hi Tania,
is this something we can expect in the near future?

Thank you

@Tania if Inkbird is tracking the popularity of adding the API, add me to the list. Using the ITC-308-Wifi, I’d like to be able to flash the lights in my house when temperatures get out of control or get a reminder to turn off appliances if my utility company is doing a blackout and I’ll be a battery backup.

Please report that I would gladly spend a couple of dollar or more on your products if there was a way to integrate them into home assistant (and I don’t mean Bluetooth)

Just wanted to add my +1 to this feature, and going further then the last commentor in saying that i wont by this product unless it has some sort of api to query data and put it into some metrics system like e.g. promethus

Hi Tania! I’d like to second the request for an API to be exposed for the temperature sensors. In your app I see that you have added a connection to Alexa. Is a connection to Apple Homekit in the roadmap for future releases?

Sorry engineers are developing the connection with Google home.
The connection with Apple Homekit needs to be planned in the future.

We to be able to send the InkBird ITC-308 a temperature to set the target temperature.

As a bonus, it would be nice to be able to get the current temperature.

We do not want Google Home (which is basically dead) or Apple Homekit (which is Apple junk).

An API would be best. I wouldn’t want to use Alexa or Google Home or whatever. I’d want to be able to use custom hardware and apps. Hopefully you have an in-house developer with some excitement for this! Your sales will surely increase!