Alexa Skill & Smart Home Needs

This is a great product but I wish it had integration with Alexa and other smart home platforms and technologies, especially through the gateway. Give me a voice alert, turn on a light, sound an alarm, etc if a temperature is too high or low. Pipes are freezing under a house so tell me and then turn on the heat-tape with a heavy duty Wi-Fi smart plug is a good need-case example. Are there plans to develop this? Hopefully soon and thanks much.

The engineers have plans for this feature, but because it involves many aspects, it takes time to develop.

Understood and thanks. Hopefully soon.

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I looked for WLAN thermometer and hygrometer, found and buyed IBS-TH3 and I am already satisfied. But now in the winter I have exact the same problem as @SDGHome. The thermometers keep me informed about low temperature but I need to manually start and stop the heaters (powerd over TP Link Tapo WLAN socket) remotly.
Before buying more of INKBIRD tools I would like to know if and when I will be possible to link them with Alexa.
Could you give us some detailed information? Are the programmers just speaking about or planning or already programming and looking for the first release?

Thanks in advance.