Smoker Thermometer ISC-007BW - Smart Home

Recently purchased this device and the Inkbird Pro app is quite good. However my understanding is the device connects direct to my WiFi and not using my phone as a bridge, therefore would be really useful to be able to integrate into smart home setups.
I was delighted to see it uses Tuya Smart Life as a base and promptly began trying to include the device in my current Home Assistant set up. Although I can view everything this way I am no longer able to set limits and controls from the app (smart life app just doesn’t work for this device).

Please look at smart home integrations, currently setting up cook on device itself but monitoring via smart home seems to be my option. I cannot control it remotely consistantly. (was able to turn fan on/off but didn’t always work.)

Many thanks

ISC-007BW needs to be connected to 2.4GHz wifi via mobile phone when pairing for the first time. After successful connection, you can view data and change settings remotely via INKBIRD app/ Inkbird pro app. However, please note that it does not support smart life app, it can not be integrated into smart home, I will send it to the engineers as a suggestion.

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