IBBQ-4T and Home Assistant

I want to integrate my Inkbird IBBQ-4T thermometer into Home Assistant. I have seen a few people integrate it successfully via the Tuya integration for Home Assistant. I need to add the IBBQ-4T to the Tuya or Smart Life App. I am able to add the connection but it shows up incorrectly as a Thermostat.
I select to add a Food Probe (Wi-Fi) and the connection gets established but incorrectly.
I am able to successfully add the thermometer to the InkBird Pro App and it all works appropriately there but I am not able to integrate it into Home Assistant since InkBird does not have integrations for their WiFi devices. At least not yet. Any help I can get to see if I can integrate my thermometer into Home Assistant would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Sorry, the IBBQ-4T currently only supports viewing data via the Inkbird pro app or INKBIRD app, it does not support integration with third parties.