Python integration with ITC-308

Dear Community,

i’m new here and this is my first post.
I bought ITC-308 to have more control on fermentation phase of beer. I’m interesting to extract in real time temperature integrating to python code, with goal to develop a little web app dashboard to control all critical data during fermentation phase.

But we cannot found an official method to connect Inkbird to Python or with other language programming. Are there API’s, that can i use for it? I’m trying to sniffing package with wireshark but all communication from inkbird temp sense was totally encrypted.

Anyone that can help me?


We have gathered this requirement, but unfortunately, the API is not publicly available at the moment due to the planning of the R&D department. Perhaps they will consider making this feature available in the future.

Hi Tania,

i appreciate that. I’m trying to search other solution to reach my goal.

Thanks so much.


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