IIC-800-WIFI or IIC-600-WIFI API Available

Does Inkbird provided an API for the IIC-600-WIFI/IIC-800-WIFI?

This would be a great feature for the product as it will open it up for many customers that wish to integrate into larger home system monitoring and control system.

There must be something as there is Inkbird phone APPs that communicate already.

I prefer not having to attempt to reverse engineer the communication protocol/method.

Please advise or better yet publish it.

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Sorry, currently the API is not provided.

Any Estimated date it will be?

Also, any reason why you would not publish it?


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I would be interested in an API as well. I would like to monitor the device through my IOBroker Home Automation system.

This would be the #1 determining factor in which irrigation system to purchase.

I really wish they would release the Api for the inkbird as I am part of a huge group that uses them for many temperature control projects both hot and cold. It would definitely increase the use as many more people can integrated with the Hardware. I think not releasing it will move our projects and applications to different hardware.

Please add API support so we can control via Home Assistant