Great try for Thanksgiving Roasted Turkey

We usually have Thanksgiving with my big family, and it’s my turn to prep the feast this year.
My wife and I really enjoy turkey, so we cook one before the holiday to ensure a good result on that big day.
Last Saturday, she brought home a turkey breast instead of a whole turkey. That suits me fine, as a whole bird is too big, and white meat is rich in protein.
I tried to bake it in the oven. Before starting, i brined the turkey breast with black peppercorns, roasted garlic, and some herb leaves, then brushed some melted butter onto the skin and rubbed them together. i set the oven temp at 325 degrees F for most of the cooking time and 2pb probes let me easily monitor the cooking. About two hours into the 3-hour cook, I basted the meat with some olive oil and then removed it from the cooker when the breast read 165 degrees. Do remember to let it rest for about 20 minutes before slicing.
The result was absolutely wonderful. VERY JUICY and FLAVORFUL breast meat than I ever made! We had a great weekend dinner. And I assume my family will enjoy a satisfying meal this Thursday night.
What’s your Thanksgiving recipe idea? Come and share here