TIPS for smoking great briskets!

For me, the best season for outdoor BBQs is FALL because the cooler temperatures let me grill comfortably outside. I am a BIG SMOKING FAN! And I’ve tried smoking brisket several times only turned out to be disappointed. Then I realized maybe there is something wrong.
I tended to BBQ forums and found the perfect answer - thickness is a better predictor than weight! the cooking time is in no way related to the length and width of the meats. An inch-thick steak obviously takes a shorter time to get to medium than two inches thick, though they both weigh one pound. That may explain why my previous cooking turns out dry, tough, and hard to chew since i follow up with time guidelines.
Now after multiple successful smoked briskets, I’m familiar with my smoking and can go for good results every time. Plus, i recommend using a thermometer. i won an INKBIRD ibt-4xs in the campaign and it works flawlessly. I usually leave the probes in to monitor the temp changes of my smoker and the meats, knowing the temp makes me have good judgment on when the brisket is done.
All in all, i think making barbecues are all about experience, practice, and the temperatures. Hope this share can help the newbies.


mine was alos ibt-4xs, and i use it for my backyard barbecues. nice connection and works great, really worthy device