Can we make winter grilling and what should we do?

Grilling outdoors in the chilly winter can be a dilemma: you wanna enjoy outdoor cooking, but it’s -20 outside, then you drop it out.
Well, after experiencing several cookouts in the freezing weather, i’d have to say, you don’t have to! Just as the old saying goes -there’s really no such thing as bad weather—just bad preparation.
i gotta share my tips with you: Enough preparation is the initial thing. it’s so cold outside so we have to get everything settled beforehand. Meat, veggies, grilling tools, sauces, and other accessories gather together to make sure things are well-organized. Also, shoveling a path to the grill is also very necessary so that we can carry things or keep the kids playing indoors.
Then move the grill/offset smoker to a sheltered spot, this help keep the flames consistent. And do remember to preheat the grill longer because of the cold weather.
Last but not the least, some accessories really matter, like the headlamp ensures we can see things in the dark - Winter usually has shorter days, fire-resistant gloves that help us fetch food out, and a wireless digital meat thermometer (i use my ibbq-4t) can help us monitor food temps and allows us to stay inside while keeping an eye on the grill until it was ready.
What’s your idea for grilling throughout the year? share here!