My gift lists for bbq family

the cold weather can never stop my enthusiasm for barbecuing, i can always enjoy a juicy grilled steak with my smoker. And now with the Xmas shopping season approaching, i’d like to prep some gifts for my bbq family. Here are some of the lists of sharing
THERMOMETER- I handle my every pit with a high-quality meat thermometer, and recently i got a new tool, iht-2pb. it works amazingly, super fast, versatile, high-cost performance, satisfy all my needs. I’ll invest more as gifts this black Friday.
RUBS & SAUCES- I love to experiment with a cornucopia of rubs and marinades. and i thought a fun gift basket would be perfect this Xmas.
ACCESSORY- A good pair of grill gloves is a thoughtful and kind gift, barbecue without fear of getting burned. and also kits like skewers, chicken leg racks, boneless rib hooks, and rack rib hooks are very practical gifts.
If you have any good gift ideas, just comment to let me know.

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