10 Practical & Important Tips to Keep Our Thanksgiving Kitchen Safe

Dear all,
Thanksgiving day is a great day for us to express thanks and enjoy the happiness, but we need to pay attention to the safety of our kitchen. Here are 10 practical and important tips I collect from the Internet and practice in my daily cooking, hope they are helpful to all.

1. Keep the smoke and gas alarm active all the time;
Check the battery and do some little test periodically.

2. Alway keep in mind what we put on the stove;
Set reminders, notes, timers or anything that can remind us all the time.
IMPORTANT: With hot stoves, make sure children stay at least three feet away.

3. Try to stay put.
Turkeys take hours to cook and certainly, no one wants to sit in the kitchen the whole time. However, the NFPA recommends you don’t leave the house when something is in the oven. (Note: If you must leave, be sure not to leave pets AND CHILDREN alone when an oven is on.)
Tip to cook turkeys, please use some food thermometers and you will be more professional.

4. Always keep the floor clean and clear.
so we, especially our children and/or pets, don’t trip over toys, bags, shoes, etc.

5. Take extra precautions with dangling cords;
Please do pay attention to and make precautions with any cords of an electric knife, food processor, coffee maker, cell phone, toaster oven, mixer, plate warmer, etc.

6. Keep sharp utensils in drawers, out of sight of curious children with roving fingers.

7. Position handles of pots and pans away – or back – rather than extending out in front.
This will prevent walking by and knocking boiling ingredients onto the floor.

8. Make sure cloth and paper towels are nowhere near burners.

9. Do control the crowd.
At holiday time, it’s natural for visiting family and friends to want to help out in the kitchen. The more people in the kitchen, however, the better the chance for distraction and an accident so, depending on the size of the room, try and minimize crowd size.

10. Slow down the speed and get prepared in advanced;
Holidays can be frenetic but rushing around only increases the opportunity for a kitchen mishap. Make lists and plan ahead as much as possible, enlist the help of capable family members in food preparation, and turn this Thanksgiving into the safest one yet.

Keep these tips in mind and enjoy a great Thanksgiving day!!!


very helpful sharing, and it fits my following Thanksgiving party well.