Cant connect to icc-600 - stuck on turn bluetooth on TIP

I have a new inkbird ICC-600. I power it up, the red light flashes slowly. It is 1m away from the wifi router which is 2.4Ghz.

Im running android 14 latest update, no current other updates available, on a google Pixel 5

My bluetooth is ON. My WifFi is ON. Location is ON.

The inkbird app has precise location, nearby devices and notifications permanently allowed. I have double checked this.

I follow the instructions to the point where I select “slow flashing” and enter the correct 2.4Ghz wifi name and password.

I press “Next Step” and a popup says “TIP: Enable bluetooth for assistive device networking?”

My bluetooth is definitely already turned on. I select “Yes” and am taken to the bluetooth screen of paired devices. Nothing further happens at that point.

If I look for a new pair, I see “TY”, but I cannot pair with it - I dont think its related to the Inkbird. My only option is to back out of the bluetooth screen, which takes me back to the wifi password screen.

Alternately if I select “No” to the TIP, the screen stays where it is.

The same thing happens if I use Fast Flashing - I get stuck at the tip to enable bluetooth, but bluetooth is already on.

So How do I progress from here?

I contacted an engineer to check, but unfortunately they did not find the problem.
Is it possible to send an email to with a screenshot of the phone permissions, INKBIRD app permissions and the problem video?
This can help engineers check if there are any overlooked details.

Thanks for the reply

I was stuck as described and no amount of clear cache and storage, double checking permissions or other workarounds changed that.

Although I had removed the app and reinstalled before, some combination of that and clearing storage and cache fixed the error and the popup box no longer appeared. Importantly I did not touch permissions as they were already quite definately correct.

There is clearly a bug somewhere but without trying to provoke it again I’m unable to provide any further detail.

But thanks again for your responsiveness, it’s obviously frustrating looking at my shiny new controller but being unable to connect to it :confused:

This may be a temporary problem. I will contact the engineer to continue to pay attention to this problem.
May I know if IIC-600-WIFI can connect to the INKBIRD app now?
If not, please make sure the router is set up correctly, please refer to: