Ibt-26s 5g looses wifi connection when Bluetooth turned off

I have a ibt26s-5g device Downloaded inkbird app to Google pixel 6a connected Bluetooth and wifi to device. I got out of bluetooth range and the wifi and Bluetooth disconnected. Went back to device reconnected Bluetooth and wifi. While standing next to device I went into phone setting and turned off blue tooth. The device on the app became disconnected but on the device itself the blue tooth symbol was gone but it still showed that the device was still connected to wifi (symbol was still steady and not blinking)…were do I go from here

Please use the latest version of INKBIRD app.
Please make sure that IBT-26S has successfully connected to WIFI with Internet access.
Please place the IBT-26S next to the router and turn off the Bluetooth on your phone. Will it also be disconnected?
If yes, please delete and reconnect the IBT-26S in the app, will it work?
This can help us better verify whether the WIFI connection is working.

Hi Tania,
I finally had a chance to work on this issue. I deleted the app and downloaded the inkbird app. Reconnected to device with Bluetooth and wifi. Turned Bluetooth off on my Google pixel 6a and I lost connection to device even though the device still displays the connected to wifi icon. I then tried to connect device to my android tablet but through the blue pairing it was asking for a 4 number pin…tried several numbers but to no avail. I then tried my work phone which is an apple and it worked, but I would rather use my personal phone. Please help,direction? Thanks Doug

Please note that the IBT-26S can only be connected via Bluetooth through the INKBIRD app, it cannot be connected directly through the mobile phone/tablet Bluetooth settings page.
I contacted engineers to run tests with the same devices, but unfortunately during the tests, they did not find the problem.
If possible, please provide a video showing how you use Google pixel 6a to connect to IBT-26S, and how to disconnect Bluetooth.
Please send the video to email support@inkbird.com.
This helps us check if there are any overlooked details.
Thank you very much.