Pairing mt 26s 5G

I’m not able to pair my 26s 5G to my iphone. How do I verify or re-enter my wifi password.

If you want to check whether the WIFI name and password are correct, please check the WIFI settings in the router settings.
If you connect to IBT-26S via Bluetooth, can it be successful?
Please turn on the Bluetooth and location permissions of the phone, and make sure that the permissions of INKBIRD in the phone settings are all agreed.
Please make sure that the phone is not connected to other Bluetooth devices.
Please clear the Bluetooth cache if possible.

  1. Turn on the IBT-26S.
    Please open the INKBIRD app, select add device, select IBT-26S (If you use 5G version, please select IBT-26S (5G), if use 2.4G version, please select IBT-26S).
  2. It will prompt for Bluetooth connection.
  3. The APP will search for Bluetooth signals.
    After the search is successful, it will prompt to press the button of IBT-26S.
  4. After pressing the button, you can successfully pair.