Wifi lost when out of bluetooth range ibt-26s

I just got a new IBT-26s meat thermometer. I downloaded the app and it is all connected both by bluetooth and wifi. When i go out of bluetooth range with my phone it no longer sees the device through wifi. I removed the device in the app and reinstalled the app and it does the same thing. Phone is a samsung S22 and everything is up to date. I also saw similar questions reguarding the same issue.

I think the device itself is working correctly but the app is not functioning right.

Phone is a samsung S22 through Verizon.
Will return if it cannot be resolved.

May I know that the Bluetooth and WIFI connections of IBT-26S are both completed on the same phone?
Just a test, if you put the IBT-26S next to the router and the phone turns off Bluetooth, can it connect via WIFI?
This helps us to check the WIFI connection status of the IBT-26S.

No, like my photos show, i was standing next to the router and turned off my bluetooth while both wifi and Bluetooth were connected. As soon as i turned off my phones bluetooth, the wifi to the device instantly turns off and wont connect.

Please make sure the WIFI network is working properly.
Please press and hold the button of IBT-26S for 10~15 seconds, it will reset the device.
Then please connect IBT-26S via Bluetooth and WIFI on the same mobile phone. Will it still have this problem?
If yes, please provide the order information and IBT-26S device ID to email support@inkbird.com, and engineers will investigate.
The device ID of IBT-26S can be viewed and copied through the INKBIRD app - IBT-26S - ‘Settings’ icon in the upper right corner - Device Information.