BBQ GO PRO App won't connect to pixel 7 pro

Due to BBQGo pro app not being made for latest version of Android and not 64 bit I can’t connect to it using my pixel 7 pro. When will the app be updated on android to provide compatibility?

Please use the INKBIRD app, which supports the devices that the BBQ GO PRO app can connect to.
The INKBIRD APP is the latest app that unifies the functions of many apps and will be used as the main app. The BBQ GO PRO app will not have an update plan and may be discontinued.

Hi Tania, thankyou for your reply. Unfortunately the inkbird app is not working either. I cannot connect to the device with either pixel 7 pro running android 13 or Galaxy tab A7 running android 12 using the inkbird app. I can however connect with iPhone 7 running iOS 15.7 using bbqgo pro and inkbird app. Looks like a comparability issue with android.

If you log in the same INKBIRD app account as iPhone 7 on pixel 7 pro and Galaxy tab A7, will their data be synced?
Please make sure the selected room is the same.

Device is syncing and it shows the device in pixel7pro but shows it as offline whereas iPhone shows it online

May I know the model of the product you are using?

I am using IHT-2PB. Been using it for a while and it used to work on android but not recently

I contacted the engineers and they will fix the problem as soon as possible.
Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Thankyou for your help