Problems with bbqgopro app, using ibbq-4bw

Temperature logging is spotty. Sometimes it logs, sometimes the app crashes when I open it. Was logging a cook this morning and after 2 hours all the data became unavailable. When clicked it opens the chart page for half a second then closes automatically. It is doing the same for the settings menu, if I click it closes within half a second after opening and takes me right back to the main temperatures. I have a Google pixel 6.

This is the third time I’ve used this device. It behaved perfectly fine the first time used however.

Side note, one of the 4 probes is wildly off calibration, about 15 degrees over consistently. Is there a way to calibrate it outside of the settings menu, because I cannot access that? For something brand new to work this spotty is pretty disheartening

Please use the INKBIRD app, which supports IBBQ-4BW.
The BBQ GO PRO app will be discontinued and stopped updating in the future.