Newest version of Android BBQ Pro fails

After installing the latest BBQ Pro app I found that I can’t get Wifi enabled because of an error in the IoT client.

I have a IBBQ-4BW. Bluetooth works every now and than. Most of the times I need to make a new bluetooth connection by first forgetting the device and pair the device again.

The Wifi says I need to connect to the IoT cloud. Entering my old password shows : invalid client, no access.

I tried to press the forgot password option.

The forgot password and the register functionality seems to want to send an Email to the telephone country code + the entered emailadres. That is never going to arrive.

It all used to work flawlessly before the update was installed.

Please fix these problems.

Maybe you could download and register the INKBIRD app to try? It is the latest app, its functions will be relatively stable.

The inkbird app seems to work, but now I miss the BBQ Pro functionality.

When will the BBQ Pro app be working again?

The engineer has adjusted the BBQ GO PRO app, please log in again, does it work? If there is still a problem, please provide your phone model and I will contact the engineer for further checks.

Hello Tania,

It appears to be working again. Thank you.


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