IHT-2PB always shows as offline in Inkbird App

Google pixel 7 pro Android 14, in Inkbird app I can pair the device, but afte that it always shows as offline.

I tried it on my old Samsung S20+ and it worked fine.

Is there an solution to that?

This may be because some functions of INKBIRD APP are not compatible with Android 14. I have reported this issue to the engineers and they will fix it as soon as possible. Please pay attention to APP updates.

Thanks for the reply. I’ll wait for the solution then. Hopfully it won’t take long

Engineers have optimized this feature. Please update INKBIRD APP to the latest version, will it work?

Oh my god it worked. Thank you so much for the great support. Never thought someone would release an update for one single user. I deeply appreciate it!!

Best support I’ve ever had!!

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