Q&A: IHT-2PB cannot be connected

The IHT-2PB supports the INKBIRD app and the BBQ GO PRO app, it does not support the INKBIRD pro app or the BBQ GO app, please note the difference.
When connecting, please put the thermometer next to the phone. Please turn on the phone’s Bluetooth and location functions. Please make sure that the Bluetooth of the mobile phone is not connected to other Bluetooth devices.
Please follow the instructions in the manual and the app.
If it is possible, please test with a different phone in order to rule out that it is caused by the phone settings.
If it still has problems, please feel free to email at support@inkbird.com


my IHT-2PB bluetooth connection is breaking up constantly. Like in every 5 seconds. IHT-2PB battery is full. It is 2 inches away from the phone. My phone is Samsung A52s with Android 13. I tested the connection with my wife’s phone. Same thing with her phone.
Is my IHT-2PB malfunctioning and should be returned or how to fix this?

Please check if the phone is connected to another Bluetooth device?
If you remove the connection from the phone to another Bluetooth device, keep the IHT-2PB turned on and put it next to the phone for testing, will it still disconnect?

I removed all bluetooth connections from the phone. I paired IHT-2PB again. Did the tests with my phone and my wife’s phone, but same problem occurs. It still disconnects and connects every 5-10 seconds.

Thanks for your details.
There may be a problem with the IHT-2PB, if it is under warranty, please return the product or contact the seller for a replacement.

Same thing happened to me, I got a new one today. I’m guessing it’s the app update they did today which is broken

Do you mean that the newly received product does not work either?

That’s right. The bluetooth disconnects and reconnects every 3 seconds

May I know your phone model?
I will contact the engineers for further checks.

I have the same issue with my Samsung Galaxy S22. Received my IHT-2PB yesterday.

I have the exact same issue - BT connection drops every 5 seconds or so, then reconnects, then drops again. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. No other BT connections to the phone active and the unit has full battery.

The issue is in the INKBIRD app - if I use BBQ Go Pro it works just fine - no disconnects. The INKBIRD app disconnects every few seconds and is unusable.