Wifi trouble: Account seems suspended now

So there I am, fully ready to connect the ISC0007BW to the wifi. Having trouble with that, as many others. But thats not why I’m here now.

I can’t even try anymore: I’m getting this message now:

Regular members cannot operate, please contact the administrator to enable permission in “Family Setting - Family Member”

When I try to Add a family (whereas the prevously added one is gone.), I get the message:

This account has been restricted due to illegal activities.

I seriously have no clue what I did wrong here. Part from making the neighbors jealous with incredible scents from the BBQ. But that’s hardly a crime.

Anyway, I’m getting grumpy and upset here, and really keen to know what I’m doing wrong here.

PS: luckily I have been able to connect over bluetooth.

May I know if the app you are using is INKBIRD or Inkbird pro?
If you wait about 3 hours, then re-enter the app, will it still show this message?


Using the inkbird pro app. The morning after now and indeed the msg is gone and I can try again.

Problem is rust I can’t turn of my regular network (both 2.4 and 5 ghz). My guest network only used 2.4 ghz but so far haven’t been able to connect to that.

I retried. 100% sure wifi name and password are correct. Phone connected to same network. And at 100%, I get the message:

Failed to add device, please retry or check Help. When I press check help, it goes for another try.

Getting pretty fed up with this.

If you want to change the WIFI, please remove the original ISC-007BW from the app then reconnect it. Please place the ISC-007BW next to the 2.4GHz wifi router, this can prevent the problem caused by weak WIFI signal/ interference by other devices.
Please check that the new WIFI is set up correctly. Please refer to: