Problem with wifi ....and somthing more

In the past I replaced the Ink Bird control unit with the sub-brand HOSC6w hoping to solve the wi-fi reception problem .
but it is not resolved even if the router is next to the unit.
the app cannot connect with the control unit as you can see from the attached photo.
Today it suddenly rained I wanted to disconnect the watering but I couldn’t and i spent a lot of Money…
I also wonder, what does it cost to modify the software so that the general programme , that one make with difficulty and after so many attempts, cannot be suspended for a few hours ? You have to delete it and do it again, cause there is no chanche to let run the program out of the timetable…
Why can’t the zones be named?
Thanx for your attention

Just to confirm, is there a limit to the number of devices connected to the router? Or is there a special network limit?
Do you have 2 mobile phones with internet access? Please make sure the phones are not using a VPN.
Is it possible to test:
Phone A acts as a router to transmit 2.4Ghz wifi hot spot, Phone B is used to connect the 2.4Ghz wifi hot spot and device.
Please keep phone A with the hotspot turned on and next to the device, will it go offline?

I sweare that i dont use vpn, that i Connect through the app from all over the world but Sometimes the Connection disappear.
The router has no Limit problems , never had.
I can do the test, but… What does it solve? I have to reset the Connection and Connect the unit to the hotspot… The unit moreover is in cellar and there Is no signal for Handy…i dont understand…
The Problem Is Not always, Is once a month…
Ps: at 12.17 the unit is still off…

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Sorry sorry sorry…
I came home and today my router was down…
Today i mafe a mistake…