IHC-200-WIFI problem

Hi. I installed my IHC-200-WIFI in my Cigar Humidor. Working fine however during the night it disconnect from WIFI. Every morning I have to go on the app. and click on the “complete” in order to work agin. I use the latest Inkbird Pro App., WIFI 2.4GHz and the router is like 5 ft.
What should I do? What’s the problem?
Thank you

May I know are there any connection restrictions on the router or network? For example, will the network automatically shut down at night? Or was there too many connected devices that caused a conflict to remove HC-200WIFI?
If you test the IHC-200WIFI next to the router, will it go offline?
If yes, please provide the phone model and IHC-200WIFI device ID (it can be viewed through Inkbird pro - IHC-200WIFI - more on the top right corner) to support@inkbird.com

Hello Tania
There is no connection restrictions (everything else is working, it is a smart house everything is on wifi)
The router is max.5 meter from the device.
I have an iPhone 12 Pro.