Why not allow a differential value of zero on IHC-200-WIFI?


I have several IHC-200-WIFI. I’d like to use one of them in an automation where first the deshumidification plug is working then as soon as the target humidity has been reached the humidification plug would be switched on. It seems impossible because the product doesn’t allow to set a humidification differential value of zero (minimum is 1.0), which is a pity I think.
Why not allow this ? Do you see any other way to achieve this scenario where the humidification plug would be switched on as soon as the humidification plug is switched off ?


Please understand that IHC-200-WIFI is an on/off controller and it maintains the humidity range.
Sorry it cannot turn on the humidification output immediately after the dehumidification output is turned off.
HS is target humidity.
HD is humidification differential value.
DD is dehumidification differential value.
The principle of IHC-200 is:
When humidity reaches/ lower than (HS-HD), it will turn on the work 1 indicator and humidifier (work 1 socket), turn off at (HS).
When humidity reaches/ higher than (HS+DD), it will turn on the work 2 indicator and dehumidifier (work 2 socket), turn off at (HS).