View graphs when controller is offline

I use an ITC-308 WiFi, but not 365 days a year. But sometimes I do like to refer back to earlier measurements. As I think these are stored in the cloud this should be possible, but unfortunately the app doesn’t allow me to access them when the controller is offline.

Additionally, the graph doesn’t scale so it’s hard to see small temperature fluctuations. It would be nice if one could zoom in.

I tried with both Inkbird Smart & Pro.

Sorry, the app does not have offline viewing and graph zooming. I will let the engineers know, maybe they can consider improving these features in the future.

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Thanks, that would be really nice.

Not having manual zoom, but the scale of the graph adjusting based on the recorded temperatures would already help. Say to the nearest 5 or 10. Currently my temp fluctuates by 1 degree max, but the scale has + and - 20 degrees.

OK I understand.
Sorry, the update to this feature requires planning and timing.
Inkbird pro has a data export function. If your needs are urgent, maybe you can export the data and redraw the graph as needed?
Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Hi Tania,

no worries. There’s no urgency, I just wanted to point out that there’s an (possibly) easier/quicker alternative fix possible than implementing proper zoom like I originally wrote.

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