Use a sous vide to control the temperature when cheesemaking

A couple of days ago, I had some trouble during the making of the cheese process and was lost in thoughts. :thinking:
I tried to find some solutions on the Internet, there was an idea caught my eye on a forum, ‘use an immersion circulator for cheese making’ , then I searched more about it.

A sous vide can do the same as the immersion circulator to make the cheese stay at a specific temperature, it’s like a controller to control the temperature range I want, I was excited about this. And I would like to have a try another day.

Things look going smoothly, I followed the blog and the steps, it’s simple I throw everything in the same bag, wait for the required time to wait for the cheese to be ready.

I shared this not because it’s just a tip, but from my personal experience, quite useful!! :+1: And I can taste the fresh cheese after cooling it.

Btw, I am using INKBIRD isv-100w, it’s easy to get on my hand with the app. Get it on their anniversary, affordable choice for me.