Sous Vide Steak

The advantages to cooking via sous vide are many:

You can cook anything with sous vide (pork, beef, chicken, lamb, vegetables and eggs)

Research indicates that more nutrients are retained using vs. steaming

Easy to use and affordable for use in most households

Achieve consistent results with little chance of overcooking

I recently received an INKBIRD Sous Vide device to review and here are my thoughts after using it:

Easy to read digital display that can be controlled/monitored with your smart phone via WIFI connection. The INKBIRD APP also features an alarm that prompts you to take the food out of the water bath at the right time. :smiley:

The interface is easy to use with: There are some pre-set cooking options already loaded for you to choose (beef, pork, poultry, fish/seafood, mutton) or you can set your own temperature and time for your sous vide packet.

Many restaurants achieve this consistency by being consistent with recipe execution and one of those ways is using sous vide. The INKBIRD sous vide is temperature is accurate 0.1℃/0.3℉ “.

:point_down: Click the link to read how to sous vide steak with ISV-101W.