How do you stop your steak from drying out?

How do you stop your steak from drying out? I have tried various cooking methods and times but the meat is always too dry to enjoy.
Then my chef friend told me the king of moist and juicy steak lies in sous vide. so i got an immersion circulator isv-100w from INKBIRD on its anniversary, really great in value. After many times cooking, I found it likely would be a good idea to try lower temperatures, and stick to the lower end of the time scale. As for me, i usually set the temperature to vary from 121°F (49.5°C) to 131°F (55°C) for 50-100 minutes, then remove the steak from the sealed bag and sear each side of the steak, turning out really delicious and in perfect doneness, as i desired - medium rare.
I would say having a sous vide cooker really frees up my hands, i can put the food in the pot before going to work, during kids’ naps, or prepping dinner, then control it on my phones, the device will alert me when the meat is ready, which is really time-saving and convenient.
Anyone meat lover should not miss it, and i bet you will love it in a way totally beyond your imagination!
Here is my dinner tonight, really enjoy it!

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looks great, i gonna have a try