How to cook a thicker steak to make sure it's cooked enough and not too hard?

In the case of thicker steaks, which is a tricky one, the general strategy is to do this in two steps, the first part is to get the steak to a lower internal temperature first, but not too high on the outside. The second part is to char the outside, when the outside is charred, the high heat from the outside radiates into the steak and raises the internal temperature to 70-80 degrees, which is just right.
For the above steps, sous vide cooking is the best option:
-place the steak in a plastic bag and evacuate it, then place it in water at about 50 to 60 degrees Celsius for slow cooking with inkbird isv-100w, and wait until the internal temperature reaches 45 to 50 degrees Celsius as measured with a probe thermometer, inkbird food thermometer is also a good tool.:grin:
-There are also many ways to sear, you can use a grill pan or you can grill it over an open fire. The temperature probe can well measure the steak and cook it in a perfect state. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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This is not a uniquely inkbird problem. Look at the main souvide sites for directions on cooking steak. Basically you want to cook at betwen 52C (rare) and about 58C (well done) depending on the cut. Time is not that important - I typically use 2 or 3 hours for a 1.5/2" cut, a longer cook will result in a steak falling apart which is probably not want you want. And then sear to finish.