New cooking tool I found!

Thanks to my friend’s suggestion, I got a new tool from your inkbird, read thermometer IHT-1P.
The ideal cookedness for me is medium rare, which requires high-standard cooking crafts! I search on the Internet which said the medium-rare steak is greyish-brown on the outside and overwhelmingly blood-red in profile, without the ruby red center of the medium-rare, with a core temperature of about 52.2°C (126°F). After the share my steak cooking, my friend told me that the grill probe is also a good partner during steak cooking. So I choose inkbird one more time! ahh
This time I still use isv-100w for the sous vide cooking. Then remove the steak from the pot, grease it up a bit, insert iht-1p into the center of the steak and sear it overheat. With the help of iht-1p, it was much easier for me to sear the steak, making sure I got a caramelized layer on each side, then the probe reached 52°C and it was ready to go.
The steak was in very good condition and no juices escaped when it rested. The condition of the cut is even better, the inside is pink and tender, and i can feel the juices bursting in my mouth when I bite into it. The wonderful texture proved that I had made the right choice!


Good share!! Sous vide cookers can do help cooking skills!

Yep! Good tools get me surprised!