Temperature control


I have a question regarding the PID temperature control 106. I made an unconventional oven that has two elements inside. My issue with the temperature control is when i set it to 50 degrees, it goes up to 400 degrees. It doesn’t matter where i set the temperature at it will go up to 400 degrees. Are there any tips that you guys recommend or am i doing something wrong?

May I know the model you purchased is ITC-106VH/ ITC-106VL/ ITC-106RH/ ITC-106RL?
What is the wattage and voltage of the oven?


Its a ITC-106VH. The braker is 240v and 20 amps.

Please note that the ITC-106VH requires an SSR to be connected.
SSR electric current version calculation method: Device current x 2.5
For example, if the device is 20A, then the SSR is best to use ≥50A
Please check if the connection is correct

If there is no problem with SSR version and connection, maybe you can try the self-tuning mode:
CtrL= AT (self-tuning)
Run= dm (manual inhibit)
Others are factory defaults

Can it work?