Slow temperature sensing with ITC-106VH

I purchased and ITC-106VH to use to control a small toaster oven to use as a tempering oven. My typical target temperature will be 400 degrees.

After being hooked up I set the temperature to 250 degrees to test it and let it run.

What I have noticed is that the temperature reading on the ITC-106 is EXTREMELY slow. What ends up happening is that it runs the oven filaments at full power until the PID senses that the temperature is 250, then it controls the temperature appropriately. However, since it takes over 10 minutes to read 250 degrees, the oven is already maxed out at 500 degrees and must cool for about 20 minutes or so to get back down to the appropriate reading.

I tested the thermocouple in my home oven, as well as in boiling water and found the same issue. When setting my home oven to 300 degrees, it took almost 15 minutes before the ITC-106 would display the correct temperature. I replaced the thermocouple probe with another just to make sure it wasn’t a thermocouple issue, but the ITC-106 displayed the same behavior.

This not work for my application as the temperature overshoot is fairly extreme and is only stopped when it reaches the physical limits of my toaster oven.

If anyone has ideas how to address this I’d love to hear them- I can’t believe this is common behavior with this unit. I have never seen any sort of thermometer react this slowly to changes in temperature.

Just to confirm, is there air circulation inside the oven?
Is it possible to know the model of the oven?

The toaster oven I originally tested it in was a small Oster. It does have a fan.

I also tested it in my Thermador pro oven which uses a fan and got the same result.

I used three other temp measuring devices alongside this PID and they all worked fine, it was only the PID which was slow to read temp.

Maybe you could replace it with an ITC-100VH?
The ITC-100 series is an industrial thermostat with a wide temperature range, suitable for a variety of heating systems. The temperature unit of ITC-100 can only be set to Celsius.
The ITC-106 series is a household controller, suitable for slow cooking, winemaking, etc. The temperature unit of ITC-106 can be set to Celsius/ Fahrenheit.
If professional control is required, it is recommended to purchase the ITC-100 series.

It’s funny that every time someone complains about the 106vh you recommend they use the tic-100. Why not just take the itc-106vh off the market since it appears to be so crappy. I don’t need “precise control” of my oven, however I do need something that doesn’t take 15 minutes to sense the actual temperature. I have sent back the 106vh since from your response even you admit it’s a useless piece or crap. I will buy from another company. It really shouldn’t be that hard to accurately measure temperature quickly and respond to it.

Please understand that the ITC-100 series and ITC-106 series are positioned differently. The ITC-106 series offers more convenient programming, but its functionalities are simplified compared to the ITC-100 series. This makes it more suitable for scenarios where the temperature requirements are not too stringent. Many users find the ITC-106 series perfectly adequate for their needs. However, for situations where the temperature requirements are beyond the capabilities of the ITC-106 series, we recommend switching to the ITC-100 series.