How to slow down ITC-106vh PID heatup 30 degrees below SV temperature?

Hi, I have an ITC-106VH controlling the boiler of an espresso machine. After autotune, the PID values are P=3, I=52, D=13. Ctl is set to 0. My Set Value temperature is usually between 197 to 199 degrees F.

Currently it is sending power to the heating element 100% until it hits the SV. This causes it to overshoot by about 30 degrees F. I would like it to start slowing down 30 degrees below the set value, e.g. if my set value is 197 degrees F, it should stop sending 100% at 167 degrees F.

I tried slowly increasing the P and I values, currently it is at Ctl=0, P=30, I=472, D=13. It’s still doing the same thing, 100% power until set temperature. Is it possible to get it to slow down earlier? Thanks!

If you have high requirements for the accuracy of temperature control, maybe you can take a look at the ITC-100VH?
The ITC-100 series is an industrial thermostat with a wide temperature range, suitable for a variety of heating systems.
Manual: ITC-100_Manual_V1.pdf - Google Drive
The ITC-106 series is a household controller, suitable for slow cooking, brewing, etc.

So is it not possible to do this with the ITC-106vh? I thought it should be possible by just setting the P value to around 30

Also, is the ITC-100 capable of modulating when PV is 30 degrees F below the SV?

Actually, is it possible to get it to stop heating about 30 degrees below SV? I’ve seen videos of other PID controllers capable of this, for example