Some tips you have to know when using a meat thermometer

At the very first when i cook with my thermometer, the results don’t match mine, not so perfect doneness. i thought there might be something wrong with my probe. However, i tested it in boiling water, only to find the reading is accurate. then i thought maybe i didn’t use it correctly.
After multiple trials, i get it of the way.

Here are some tips for better use.
a. Insert the right spot: insert the probe into the center portion of the meat, such as chicken, ribs, or a rack of lamb, and avoid the bones or gristle.

b. Get it to the right depth: It is recommended to go in to about ½-inch deep when using a digital thermometer such as iht-1p, or iht-2pb to ensure a more accurate reading.

c. Check regularly: it’s important to take the food off the heat before it reaches the target internal temperature, about 5 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit lower, otherwise, the carryover heat may lead to overcooking meats.

Anyway, for me, meat thermometers are good assistants for my cooking and barbecuing, and now i can handle them easily to help with my stuff.

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The position is of upmost importance, I agree. :slight_smile:

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definitely! the right spot is essential when i cook various meat