Some simple tips to keep pet snakes for beginnners

Most pet snakes have relatively high requirements for the temperature of their environment, and a stable and appropriate temperature is vital to their health.
They generally require both hot and cold zones, half hot and half cold (room temperature is fine). Hot zone temperatures: between 28-30°C for hatchlings and 26-28°C for adults is sufficient. It is recommended that the cold zone does not fall below 24°C minimum. (Small snakes will choose the temperature they feel comfortable with, so keep both hot and cold zones and you won’t have to worry about it).
Using a thermostat is one of the convenient and reliable means of maintaining a stable temperature, and with only some financial investment, you can provide a comfortable home for your pet snake and avoid turning the terrarium into an oven or fridge. In the case of corn snakes, for example, the appropriate temperature for them to live is 28-30°C. We then set the temperature control to turn on the heat at 28°C and stop it at 30°C.

Which thermostats you are using now? I am looking for one reliable.

inkbird ipt-2ch! a surprising equipment for me. :grinning: