Sharing Your Various Pythons/ Reptiles Keeping Tips

Is there anybody fascinated by pythons/reptiles? Let’s have a delightful discussion about keeping them!
About my keeping experience, I am a python lover, so I put forward some tips about python keeping.
Snakes are fascinating animals and, like most conventional animals, can be kept as pets if they are properly tamed.
However, not everyone is cut out to keep snakes. They have unique needs and should only be cared for by those with careful features. If you decide to start keeping snakes, it’s best to consider what breeds are better suited for beginners before keeping them. Here I recommend corn snakes, king snakes, and ball pythons, which are reasonably large, easy to care for, docile, and well-suited to be kept and cared for as pets.
Some info that beginners should know.
-The advantages of raising snakes: easy tend, little smell, relatively clean.
-Basic equipment for raising snakes:
(a)Breeding box. It is best to use a glass box so that it is easier to see the internal situation. And then is ventilation. Although snakes are relatively clean animals, the ventilation of the breeding box is still relatively important.
(b)Sufficient drinking water. The function of water is not only to replenish water for snakes, but also to regulate body temperature, cleanse the body, and facilitate defecation.
(c) Temperature controller or heater pat. The snakes are pretty sensitive to their living environment’s temperature, if the temp is in an improper range, it will cause uncomfortable and even death of them, so this equipment is necessary. INKBIRD smart temp controllers are much more suitable for my lovely snakes.
Last but not least, no matter what snake you choose to keep as a pet, the new owner should learn how to properly care for it, feed it, and understand its behavior and environment.

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