Winter home settings for my reptile

I rescued her a month ago, and our family has a new member.
So far, we don’t have a good idea to name it, anyone who can share ideas with me will be much appreciated. :star_struck: :star_struck:

I have been in some Facebook reptile groups for a long time, I like to see the members in the groups post daily about their reptiles or help someone who needs to be rescued. I dream to own one actually.
Then that’s she.
Looking through the posts and seeing what I should prepare for our new member.
Get some recommendations from the groups and I would like to share them here,
INKBIRD IPT-2CH, it’s a wifi controller to control the temperature of the heat mats. Although I only use one heat mat for her enclosure, the INKBIRD device can individually control two. That’s a point that hit me when I consider ordering it.
There is a pack of the IPT-2CH and a heat mat, so I pick the pack with no hesitation. :sweat_smile:
What’s more, I tried the newly released wifi sensor which can read the temperature and humidity of my frog terrarium. It works well till now, but I would like to get a digital one to monitor since I already picked the wifi thermostat. Therefore, I go with the ITH-20, the screen looks comfortable when I pass by to check the readings with a glance.
Hope all the INKBIRD devices can work well can help our new family member to have a happy winter.
And I am happy to share something here. Stay tuned!

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Mojo. It’s been a nice thing for her to be well cared for in your family. and i thought she was happy to have new life. Keep updated pls

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Will do, thanks for the name, I will add it to the list. :blush: :blush: