My wonderful aquarium keeping experience with INKBIRD ITC-306A-WIFI

My wonderful aquarium-keeping experience with INKBIRD ITC-306A-WIFI.

The fishes I keep are guppies. I search for the keeping information about it which said that as a veteran like me keeps them, the temperature of the tank needs to be more careful to tend. For my guppies, the optimal water temperature is between 22-25°C and 24-27°C for juveniles. And if the temperature is below 20 ℃, they will feel uncomfortable, if it is below 15 ℃, they’re almost not vital, if the water temperature is as low as below 10 ℃, they will be life-threatening.

For the above proper temperature range, I choose INKBIRD ITC-306A-WIFI as my temperature control tool, which helps me a lot in this cold season. With its heating outlet and WIFI control, I can easily create a cozy room for my guppies. I intend to keep more species of fish in my tank in the future and will still choose INKBIRD temperature controllers! Love the surprise you give me.


It is a little hard to keep guppies, 'cause they need warm water witht the temperature range between 23-24℃ AND especailly they need peaceful water with vegetations, I think they are not easy to aquarium beginners and amateurs. I would suggest golden fish for them, but with some professional temperature controllers, all things may become easier. Expect more share.

Yep, I also take goldfish into my fish-keeping list. Thanks for your warmful suggestion! :heart_hands:

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Last winter I had issues with my fish tank heaters failing, and my lovely fish almost resulted in death, I decided to add a heater control, and i got an INKBIRD itc-306a as it was on my budget and covered all i want. Now it works great, I would be able to keep my fish tank at a reasonable temperature of 74 to 75°. a pretty cool and smart device.

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sounds like I make the right choice! Hope this controller can well accompany my fishes for a long.