Reptile Thermostat dule relay control

I know this uses WiFi, but my question is if I don’t have wifi where I am needing to use it at will it still work. Or if it’s wifi does it only work with wifi. This product is exactly what I am looking for except without wifi.

It can be set by buttons. It will work according to the saved settings.
But please note that without WIFI, it will not be able to remotely view data and change settings.

Thank you. I’m not really worried about the data. I am mainly needing this kind because it has dual outlets and dual probes. That’s exactly what I need. I just don’t need the wifi part of it. As long as I can set and use both outlets and probes will different settings I’m fine. I don’t have anything to hook the wifi to unless I’m home so that’s why I’m not needing the wifi.