My New Challenge of Keeping a Gecko

Some facilities I prepared for this new member. :point_down:

  • Reptile terrarium.
    The terrarium needs a standard size of 800×400×400, this larger size allows for cooler and hotter areas, as lizards live in desert areas and it is hot during the day, they will look for cooler areas when they are hot.
  • Temperature controller.
    Choose the right temperature in combination with the room temperature to ensure that the hot area temperature is around 38°C and the cold area is around 30°C for about 10 hours a day, keeping it at around 25°C at night, do not turn off the heating because it is hot at a certain time, temperature fluctuations are a blow to the gecko digestive function and can lead to gastrointestinal disease.
  • Thermo-hygrometer.
    Put a thermo-hygrometer in the box to check that the humidity is no greater than 30% and no less than 10%.
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