Separate Heating Cooling Setpoints? ITC

I am looking for a controller that has separate heating and cooling setpoints for a wine celler.
The air conditioner activates at 60F with a 1F differential. The heating activates at 55F with a 2F differential. After looking at the different ITC manuals, it appears they all have one setpoint.
The ITC-308 wifi blurb says " independent setting for refrigeration and heating," but the manual shows only one setpoint. Is there a controller with 2 separate setpoints? With a single setpoint and separate differentials, there is too much energy used with both heating and cooling driving to a single setpoint.
To solve my problem, maybe I am better off buying two separate ITC-308 as I really do not need wifi. I would use one for heat and one for cool.
Do you have a product that will do 2 separate setpoints in one product?

Perhaps the ITC-608T+2 temperature probe version can meet your needs.
It is possible to set 2 target temperatures separately. But it is only available in US version.
Instruction manual (P26~P35):