Restarting the IBS-M1 WiFi Gateway

When the WIFI gateway is restarted how do I get the IBS-TH2 sensors to connect with the same names that I assigned originally? Recently I spent a lot of time picking specific locations for my 6 sensors and then labeling them on my IBS-M1 gateway. Unfortunately I had to put new batteries in one of the sensors. Then I also had to restart the gateway. It looks like the one with the new battery connected first and use the label of the previous unit. Now I am not sure of which unit corresponds to which label which is very frustrating. Please advise.

May I know how did you ‘restart the gateway’?
Did you disconnect the power supply of IBS-M1 and then power it on again?
Or did you long press the reset button of IBS-M1 to reset the sensor?
Or delete the IBS-M1 in the app/long press the WIFI button of the IBS-M1 and then reconnect?

I tried resetting as wel as disconnecting the power supply. I have had feedback that the gateway lists the units in the order that they connect. Now that I know that I will have to have a method to deal with it. I will need to replace the batteries very soon as they do not last very long - 3 months tops. But, when that happens all the units will need to be replaced so I will start them up in the order that they are listed on the gateway.

Please do not reset the IBS-M1.
If the IBS-M1 is reset, its sensor connections will be reordered.
If you just replace the sensor’s batteries and wait a while, won’t it reconnect?

I will know when I have to replace the batteries in the other units. I will be more patient this time and see what happens. Thanks.