Q: How to set ITC-306T?

A: Here are some tips for ITC-306T temperature controller settings:

‘PV’ is current temperature

‘SV’ is setting temperature ‘TS’ is your target value

‘DS’ is the differential value ‘CA’ is the calibrated value

‘CF’ is the unit of temperature (°C or °F)

‘TR’ is time setting ( 0:off / 1:on )

There will be 2 situations when you use this thermostat.

  1. If you only need to control a same temperature range the whole day.

For example, you need to keep the temperature within 22°C~25°C, then set the controller as follow:

TS1=25, DS1=3, CA=0, CF=C, TR=0

With this setting, when the PV actual temperature is lower than TS1-DS1=25-3=22C, the work light will turn on and your heaters will start outputting, and it will stop when the temperature reaches to 25°C (TS1/SV);

2.If you need to control different temperature range during day and night.

For example, during 8:00~18:00, keep temperature within 22°C~25°C, during 18:00~8:00, keep temperature within 27°C~25°C

TS1=25, DS1=3, CA=0, CF=C, TR=1, TS2=27,DS2=2, TA=8, TB=18, TH=the hour of the current time when you set , TM= The minute of the current time when you set.

During (8:00~18:00) TA~TB, the thermostat will work with TS1 and DS1. During (18:00~8:00) TB~TA, the thermostat will work with TS2 and DS2.

Hold Set button for more than 3s to enter the set menu, use up and down button to adjust the value, press set button to confirm the parameter and enter another parameter. After finish all settings, hold Set button 3s again to save them.