Programming ITC-308-WIFi

Going to ask this of the group before I give up on this product for my greenhouse.

I have set the following

TS/SV is set at 50 degrees

HD is set at 10 degrees

CD is set at 30 degrees

So based on these settings, my assumption is that at:

  1. 40 degrees the heater will come on and turn off at 50 degrees
  2. At 80 degrees the cooling, or fan in my case, will turn on and will stay on until the temperature falls below 80 degrees

Will this work? Support indicated that once the fan comes on at 80 degrees it will not shut off until it gets back down to 50 degrees.


Please understand that the ITC-308-WIFI can only set a target temperature TS/SV which is the off value for heating/cooling.
If you want the heater to turn off at 50 degrees and the cooler to turn off at 80 degrees, this requires two target values. Therefore, one ITC-308-WIFI cannot achieve this requirement.

Thanks for the information.