Programing iic-800 irrigation controller

I recently purchased and installed the iic-800 controller.
in regard to programing it doesn’t specifically mention a “program”, for example my old rainbird had a program A, B or C. The iic-800 gives great instruction on how to program the different zones, including start times. With the Rainbird you set one start time and then programmed the respective zone runtimes.
I do not see a program feature where a program containing all zones would run consecutive upon one selected start time. In fact, the instructions imply that I must select a start time for each zone. Surely I am missing something as setting a start time for each zone while possible, is an arduous task.

Would appreciate any feedback advice you could offer.

Also having issues connecting to wifi but need to do some trouble shooting with my network first. Don’t think my signal is strong enough n the garage . . . .

May I confirm that the product you bought is the IIC-800-WIFI, not the IIC-800 (non-WIFI version) ?
If yes, it is possible to control multiple zones together with multi-zone schedules.
APP screenshot:

For WIFI troubleshooting, maybe you can refer to this post:

Thank you for your reply.
Yes I do in fact have the wifi version. However, as mentioned in my thread, thus far have not been able to connect. I fear it due to the controller being in my garage where the signal is pretty weak. I’m looking at avenues to rectify that.
So your solution, via the app, while great, is not currently workable for me.
Thus my question goes to a more specific solution via the controller. Can I program a start time (for all zones) via the controller itself.
Thank you in advance for any info you can provide.

Please refer to the manual P16 ~P17, maybe it can meet your need?