P02 not found by the app

Is there any history of production problems with the P02? I have a new combo, P02 and M2. M2 installs perfectly with the app. P02 is never found so I cant complete the wireless connection between the 2 (unless there is another way).

So, the app is the latest. Bluetooth is on. Tried 2 different devices, iphone and ipad. P02 is running, blue light is flashing. Its so unusual these days to buy a device with a fault like this that i find it hard to believe. However a also ran a BLE scanner and could not convince myself that I can see anything from the P02.

Return the whole lot?

If you mean IBS-P02R-O, it connects to IBS-M2 via RF. It is not Bluetooth connection.
Just to confirm, did you click on the online IBS-M2 to enter its settings, and then click on the ‘+’ in the upper right corner of the IBS-M2 settings to add a sub-device?

Please note that it is not adding a sub-device through the ‘+’ in the upper right corner of the INKBIRD app homepage.