Not able to access my IBS-TH1 away from home base

Can not access our sensors (IBS-TH1), have 3 of these, away from home base. Seems like they won’t work on alternate wifi providers.
Any tips or suggestions on would be helpful.
The purpose of purchasing these sensors was to look at them away from home.

Have you purchased the IBS-M1 Gateway or the IBS-M2 Gateway?
If not, please understand that the IBS-TH1 is Bluetooth connection, which does not allow for remote viewing function.

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Just purchased the Ibs-M1.
Unable to add device, tried to connect with fast flash mode and slow mode, no luck with either mode.
I am using an I-Phone 13.
Can you help me out with this issue, thanks.

If the IBS-M1 is unable to connect to the INKBIRD APP, please refer to these:

Please make sure the phone settings and router settings are correct, otherwise it may cause the connection to fail.

I am sure the router and phone are in 2.4ghz, still no luck. Any other suggestions, please let me know. A little disappointed at this point . Can I call a support line?

Please check the settings of your router.
Please understand that in addition to using 2.4GHz wifi, its other settings may also affect the connection of the device.
Wireless protocol: 802.11 b/g/n, but cannot be set to 11n only;
Security mode: WPA/WPA2
Authentication type: AES
Please make sure that the phone’s permissions for the INKBIRD APP are turned on.
When pairing, the phone’s Bluetooth and location functions are turned on.
If it still fails, is the WIFI indicator of the IBS-M1 always on/flashing/disappearing during the pairing process?

It is the only way it will work, you must have the Gateway