ITH-20R max temperature


I use an ITH-20R to monitor humidity in a cooking device. The device runs at a temperature of 75 celcius for 7 days. If I place the ITH-20R transmitter into the device, will I damage it?


The detectable temperature range of the ITH-20R-O transmitter is -40°C ~ 70°C (-40°F ~ 158°F). It cannot be placed in an environment of 75C.
It can be connected to an external temperature probe, and the temperature range of the external temperature probe is: -50°C ~ 125°C (-58 °F ~ 257°F).
Maybe you can use the external temperature probe?
In addition, please note that the detectable temperature range of the ITH-20R-I receiver is -20°C ~ 60°C (-4°F ~ 140°F). Please do not leave it in an environment of 75C for a long time, this may reduce its lifespan.
ITH-20R-I receiver & ITH-20R-O transmitter needs to be installed batteries to work. The batteries can be dangerous when working in a high-temperature environment.

Thanks. The problem is the probe only measure the temperature, not the humidity. Does Inkbird have other models that can measure humidity with the device in a 75 celcius environnement?

Sorry, Inkbird does not have a humidity probe that can be used in a 75 celcius environment.