Inkbird INT-11P-B Exceeding Ambient Temperature Range

It seems that when the ambient temperature according to the probe and Inkbird app reaches 250 degrees Celsius, I receive an error message saying that I have exceeded the ambient temperature range. A couple of points if I may ask? I thought the ambient range was up to 300 degrees Celsius? In addition I am using the probe when cooking a whole roast chicken in a Weber Kettle BBQ configured for INDIRECT cooking… In other words, the probe is not over or near direct heat or the charcoal. As a matter of interest, the internal temperature readings of the probe seem to be quite accurate. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue?

The detection range of the INT-11P-B ambient probe is 0~300°C/32~572°F. In order to provide users with reaction time when using it, it is designed to trigger an alarm when the temperature reaches or exceeds 250C. As long as the oven temperature is within 300C, it can be used.

Hello Tania

Thank you for your reply. A couple of other points I thought may be worthy of mention … a reading of 250 degrees Celsius for a normal INDIRECT cook in a Weber Kettle BBQ does seem a little high to me. I will do a test as a comparison with the Weber iGrill ambient probe to see what reading I get. The other point and I appreciate your reply re: the warning message at 250 degrees Celsius … if I am not mistaken the Inkbird app stops reading the ambient temperature once it reaches 250 degrees Celsius until it drops down below 250 degrees Celsius. I will try again in the next day or two and report back. I notice there is a new ios update for the Inkbird app, so perhaps things will be different? Thanks again Tania for your help.